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Lab Data
30784 Peak TPS
A Single Shard's TPS: 533
No. of Shards: 64
Total Nodes: 12800=64*200

What is MultiVAC ?

MultiVAC is the next-generation public blockchain

designed for large-scale and complex distributed applications.

All-Dimensional Sharding

MultiVAC breaks through the limitations to blockchain scalability by developing the world’s first fully sharded blockchain with sharded transmission and storage.

Blockchain Trilemma Flexibility

MultiVAC pioneers flexible sharding, allowing DApp developers the flexibility to trade off between the impossible triangle of decentralization, scalability and security.

High TPS & Infinite Expansion

MultiVAC maximizes throughput on every shard while maintaining decentralization and security, allowing decentralized blockchains to achieve industrial capacity.


MultiVAC is designed for performance and flexibility,

pioneering a miner selection model that redefines sharding and smart contracts.

Linear Scalability To Infinity

Based on fully sharding design, all nodes only need to process the data in their shard, the performance of the whole blockchain network can increase linearly, more shards, higher scalability, it can be infinitely improved.

VRF Dynamic Re-Sharding

On the miner and computing level, MultiVAC pioneers VRF dynamic re-sharding, organic shard splitting, an innovative PoS approach, and others to ensure the shards'security and self-growth capacity.

Distributed Storage Scheme based on Merkle Trees

The ledger is stored in an innovative structure based on Merkel trees. The miner and storage nodes mechanism separates the physical storage and control rights of data which can provide a high level of decentralization and scalability.

Fair Mining By Everyone

Lower miner threshold and everyone can join in the network easily. Without any special miner and competition, your laptop or any ordinary PC with dual-core and 2GB RAM can participate in mining.


MultiVAC creates an environment for Flexible Computation and Trusted Programming,

leading an era of DApp to a qualitatively new stage of widespread adoption.

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MultiVAC has a worldwide network of top crypto funds and partners

spanning South Korea, the US, Russia, Europe, South-East Asia, India, and more.

Ecosystem Partners

    Business Partners

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          • 1 What are blockchain’s main challenges today?

            Blockchains are currently finding it difficult to realize real-world value. At the moment of writing there exist close to no commercial DApps actually utilizing the blockchain, so the industry as a whole, while brimming with potential, cannot yet produce practical application value. The main reason for this is that existing blockchain platforms have extremely poor scalability and cannot provide effective support for DApps that require processing high volumes of data. MultiVAC was created directly to address this problem.

          • 2 What is the vision of MultiVAC?

            MultiVAC's vision is to enable large-scale commercial DApps to integrate smoothly into our ecosystem, enabling everyone to quickly and easily use blockchain applications to improve their work efficiency and quality of life, thereby creating a trustworthy, fair and harmonious society.

          • 3 Why sharding over other scaling solutions?

            Sharding is the only practical and fundamental way to scale blockchain from the bottom up, while at the same time preserving its original intention of being a decentralized ledger open to everyone. It is the deepest level solution that makes the fewest compromises when bringing performance benefits. The other solutions have severe limitations. DPoS violates blockchain's original 'core value' of decentralization by reverting back to semi-centralization. Off-chain solutions such as state channels require trust relationships between the client and the state channel provider. DAGs require way too many network transmissions to be wieldy in an open environment. Sharding is the only solution that has been proven to sustainably improve TPS in a decentralized, secure manner.
            MultiVAC believes that the most robust scaling solutions are built bottom-up from the infrastructural ground level. For this reason, we use blockchain sharding as our core scalability approach.

          • 4 What are MultiVAC's advantages in sharding?

            (1) MultiVAC pioneers All-Dimensional Sharding, that is, the world’s first sharding solution that parallelizes consensus processing, consensus storage, and consensus message transmission.
            (2) MultiVAC incorporates flexible sharding, the ability for DApps developers to choose features of the shards they wish to use specifically tailored for their performance, security, and decentralization requirements, allowing the production of more robust and specialized DApps.

          • 5 Why is flexibility is the best scalability?

            Business and market environments are diversified, and the design and application of DApps similarly have multiple layers of requirements. While all DApps have basic security and throughput needs, some DApps require higher security while others require higher throughput. The requirements of the actual application must be fully considered when designing a public blockchain platform. Existing platforms tend to be fixed as regards their trade-offs. Ethereum, for example, is completely decentralized, reducing its throughput, while EOS sacrifices decentralization to ensure high TPS. Neither can provide a variety of options for the diversity of the DApp universe.
            MultiVAC provides developers with flexibility in selecting the use of underlying computing resources based on a trusted probability model. DApps that require high security can choose shards with a large number of nodes and high consensus security thresholds; DApps that require high throughput can select shards with fewer nodes and faster consensus speeds. We thus provide a palette of options with practical application value.

          • 6 Who is building MultiVAC's future?

            Our research and development team is made up of an all-star team of engineers, advisors, and investment personnel who provide strong support and direction for MultiVAC's technical foundation and its overlaying ecosystem.
            Our three co-founders are serial entrepreneurs and an award-winning professor with excellent business, academic and technical backgrounds. Our Research and Engineering team comprise more than 20 experts in distributed systems, infrastructure engineering, cryptography, applied mathematics, and quantitative finance.
            Our stellar partners include more than 30 top Crypto Investors and Venture Capitalists who align themselves with MultiVAC from all over the world, these include Korea’s largest crypto investment fund #Hashed, Neo Global Capital, Signum.Capital, Arrington and more.

          • 7 How many TPS can MultiVAC achieve?

            MultiVAC has released lab data in October 2018, achieving the Peak TPS 30784 using 64 shards, with a single shard reaching 533 TPS, making decentralized blockchains to achieve industrial capacity.

          • 8 Why is the project called MultiVAC?

            The MultiVAC name comes from the name of the supercomputer in Isaac Asimov’s short story, The Last Question. This supercomputer was a normal computer just like the ones we use today, but in every epoch it gradually grew and grew until it integrated with all the human souls in hyperspace. In every epoch, humans questioned MultiVAC with the same query: “How can the net amount of entropy of the universe be massively decreased?” but the computer was unable to answer. Eventually, as the universe reached heat death, the supercomputer ultimately found the answer. There was no one to report it to, so the supercomputer decided to demonstrate the answer, at the same time creating someone to declare it to. It declared, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!” And there was light…

          • ? In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the support team at core@mtv.ac


          MultiVAC in 2021

          MultiVAC Protocol Updates: protocol optimizations including compressed data transportation, native cross-chain features, and other updates.

          MultiVAC Sandbox: supporting ETH and BSC addresses and virtual machines, allowing one-stop migration from ETH/BSC to MTV.

          MultiVAC Bridge: atomic value transmission protocol across multiple blockchains.

          MultiVAC Swap: an embedded native swap on MultiVAC, permissionless DeFi with extremely low gas cost.

          MultiVAC Reserves: an algorithmic approach of wrapped/pegged assets, such as Bitcoins, Ethers, etc.

          MultiVAC Governance: a decentralized autonomous organization for further upgrades and iterations.

          • The MultiVAC team went further to release its All-Dimensional Sharding Yellowpaper, and this is also the world's first sharded bloackchain underlying architecture that has achieved full sharding in computing, storage and transport. It is not only simple and elegant in design, but also very enforceable in engineering. From here on, the global computer of blockchain began to evolve from single core to multiple cores.
          • MultiVAC's testnet 1.0 “Phoenix” was officially launched during the long period of winter digital currency market, which also signals that the all-dimensional sharding scheme was completely enforced, and the high-performance blockchain transaction, storage and transmission has become a reality. At this moment, technological breakthroughs have evolved from elegant mathematical formulas to concise codes, spewing transactions, and smooth blocks.
          • MultiVAC launched a brand-new mining mechanism and proposed the idea of fair mining and everyone mining. Miners can participate in mining fairly without mining machine, and get great and steady rewards. There are several mining modes for miners, including cloud-mining, group mining, and deposit in exchanges. Therefore, the decentralized ecological network that all people can participate in becomes more fair, democratic, and robust.
          • MultiVAC officially released the 3.0 version testnet 'Oracle' The newly-launched testnet has made tremendous improvements in the underlying infrastructure and transmission efficiency. New functions like asset transfer, new address format, offline signing are also supported. MultiVAC also starts the beta test of the mining client (beta test version) and invite testers to join. The new version of the mining client has been greatly upgraded based on the original version, mainly in the interaction between client and MultiVAC system, and optimization of network performance. Daily-use PCs can download the client and participate in mining, which greatly lowers the threshold for mining.
          • MultiVAC further tests the stability of the operating environment and the overall network in the form of DApp development. MultiVAC verifies the performance, scalability, and security through different applications such as Defi and storage. Application is the soul of a public chain, MultiVAC is more powerful due to applications. According to the operating conditions of the application, MultiVAC fine-tunes the operating environment of the smart contract and some underlying parameters to achieve a more complete state.
          • 2018Q2
            The three founders of MultiVAC embarked on a new journey. They brought together their old colleagues from Google, Facebook, Harvard and Stanford to propose a brand new blockchain technology based on their deep academic and engineering experience of multiple distributed systems. Besides that, they also released the white paper, aiming to transform the impossibility of the blockchain into infinitely scalable elasticity.
          • 2018Q4
            The first MultiVAC MVP was completed and released the laboratory test data. In the network of 64 shards and 12800 total nodes, it reached a peak TPS high of 30784. The Excellent performance of TPS and almost perfect linear scalability let us see the dawn of the blockchain world.
          • 2019Q2
            MultiVAC’s testnet 2.0 “Enigma” was launched. It will realize the complete decentralized consensus mechanism and VRF dynamic resharding, and also release the test mining client, which means that simply owning a common PC could become a member of the MultiVAC network. MultiVAC truly achieved decentralization technically and successfully defended the most important value of blockchain. From then on, the control power of this world will belong to the miners, and everyone can become a miner.
          • 2019Q4
            MultiVAC officially released the 2.2 version testnet. This version's updates include: Reconstruction of the entire network transmission layer. Interactive Sharding transmission architecture is set up and transmission data volume is dramatically reduced; Pre-embed basic function of the smart contract, including VM and cross-Shards contract operation. Preparation has been done for future smart contract function; Optimization in consensus algorithm, basic data types, and cross-Shards communication. The system's performance is upgraded, especially in the data volume aspect; Improvement in the robustness of storage nodes. Multiple nodes can synchronize, backup, and realize DR (disaster recovery) now.
          • 2020Q2
            MultiVAC conducts comprehensive tests to prepare for the final launch of mainnet, including a full range of functional tests, performance tests, and safety tests. The C/C++ language smart contract operating environment and basic development tools and SDK will be supported first. A general smart contract environment may attract more powerful decentralized applications.
          • 2020Q4
            MultiVAC officially releases its mainnet and gradually becomes open-sourced. Developers are welcomed to join to build the ecosystem. MultiVAC’s main network supports high-throughput decentralized services, and eco-builders can build powerful decentralized applications with a brand new programming paradigm. In the future, MultiVAC will become a busy and orderly free port, which makes that pioneers find that here is Hong Kong in the 19th century.